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Mont Monte Acrylic Brush Set 7


Mont Monte Acrylic Brush Set 7, in a lovely wood n box.

This Taklon Brush Set is a great introductory set to professional quality brushes.

The Mont Marte Acrylic Brush Set contains a superb selection of commonly used brush sizes. This set makes a great gift idea and is a perfect introduction to professional quality tools.


  • 7 brushes included (1 x Round 4, 1 x Round 8, 1 x Round 10, 1 x Flat 2, 1 x Flat 6, 1 x Filbert 8 and 1 x Angle 8) 
  • The high quality Taklon brushes are constructed with gun-metal plated brass ferrules and bristles are interwoven to reduce bristle loss.



  • Mont Marte Acrylic Paint
  • Mont Marte Gouache
  • Mont Marte Watercolour



  • Do not allow the paint to dry in the brush
  • Remove as much paint as possible with a paper towel prior to rinsing with water (Acrylic, Watercolours, Gouache paints) or turpentine followed by cleaner or soapy water (Oil-based paints)