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Acrylic Brushes

Acrylic Pads

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Adult Art Classes

Adult Art Classes

Welcome to Alice West Art
Click on each class to view details. If you have any questions about classes, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
For bookings during Term, please contact me to see if a place is available.



Wednesday 9:30am - 12:30pm
Ink & Watercolour Painting
Thursday 9:30am - 12:30pm
Acrylic Painting
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Adult Colouring In Books & Supplies

Get your creative on with these fabulous Colouring supplies!

Alcohol Ink Markers

All Brush Sets

All Drawing Supplies

All Pads

All Pens & Markers

All Printmaking Supplies

All Printmaking Supplies

All Scrapbooking

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All Stretched Canvas & Panel

All Stretched Canvas & Panel

All Watercolour


Art Spectrum Soft Pastels

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels


Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastels are hand made using the finest lightfast pigments with maximum pigment concentration and minimum binding agent, triple milled to bring out the finest colour and provide the rich, velvety bloom valued by the pastel artist.

Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastels range from subtle and delicate tints to brilliant and intense pure colours through to smouldering darks. All Art Spectrum® pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances and do not contain any animals fats.

Art Spectrum® Soft Round Pastel size: 70 x 12mm.

Atelier Interactive Acrylics

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