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About Alice

Artist, Art Teacher & Reiki Practitioner


I was born and grew up at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. When I left school I desperately wanted to go to a graphic design school in Brisbane, but was unable to do that due to family circumstances. But I worked in my Aunty’s Pottery for a short time, which was a great experience. Life then took a different path, including a family. After separating in 2002 I turned back to drawing and painting as I needed something for myself, being a single mum of two little girls. I then started selling my work in 2004. I was a member of an art group and Gallery for almost 10 years, exhibiting my work and was on the Gallery committee.

Along with being an Artist, Art teacher and having an Art supply business, I worked in a primary school for almost 10 yrs. During that time I taught Art to all year levels. In June 2010 I had a very serious accident, which made me reassess my life. I’m very lucky to be alive, so being given a second chance made me realize how important it is to follow my dreams. I completed a Small Business course in 2012 and started my business from home. I then went into my business full-time in 2015. In 2018, I moved house which had a large space for my studio and began expanding my business. I had a large studio/gallery/shop with a lush green outlook on over 1/3 Acre. We had the best of both worlds. With beautiful views of the hinterland which is a short drive away and only 10 minutes the glorious beaches. I had a boutique Art supply store specialising in Golden paints and teaching children's and adults art classes and workshops. In December 2019 I moved the business to a shop in Buderim with a beautiful outlook of Weareanda Park which is well known for its large fig trees. As I moved in just before Covid hit it has been a roller coaster ride, but doing well. I have a lovely large space that is an Art Supply Store thats expanding all the time, Gallery and plenty of space for classes too.

For my paintings I use the best quality materials I can find, I feel this is really important. I paint in Acrylic and Ink & Watercolour and dabble with a few other things. I love both mediums, they are so different. I'm not a traditional watercolour painter, I use them very boldly. I use Golden Paints when painting with Acrylics, there's something very special about Golden, it is very innovative. Unlike most brands on the market they have no fillers which means maximum pigment load, vibrancy, quality, longevity and they go further, especially when mixing colours.

I feel most creative when I have a big block of time, so I can really get into the flow and enjoy it. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night inspired with ideas and often get up to sketch them into a book.

Inspiration comes first, I usually have a vision before I start. But my vision can change along the way. I begin with the background which is often abstracted. I’m a bit of a detail freak and usually have lots of layers. I sometimes drive myself mad haha, which is why I often have 5 or 6 paintings on the go. If I need a break from one, I can go to another for a change of pace. Most of my paintings are from my imagination, however I can spend hours researching things that may be in a painting.

The atmosphere in my studio is always bright, airy, peaceful and colourful. I have a large playlist of music I listen to that is wide and varied and at other times I enjoy peace and quiet. My 2 pugs Bambi and Luigi often keep me company while I paint or work. They sometimes get up to mischief, but they always make me smile.

I am inspired by life, nature and the little things in life that are often taken for granted. I have a naive style of painting, sometimes whimsical and other times more realistic. When I paint the time disappears, I feel at peace and it feels like I've entered another world. I love nature, all my paintings have nature in them whether it be animals, insects, hills, flowers and often big trees, evoking emotions in people and sparking happiness.