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Langridge Series 4 Diarylide Yellow Oil Colour 08104


A contemporary transparent pigment with very high chroma originally used in the printing industry due to it’s high stability and lightfastness. Diarylide Yellow has a pronounced  warm yellow hue to  complement our existing Arylide yellows. Clean orange mixes are easily achieved with this extremely versatile pigment. A non-toxic alternative to cadmium and chrome yellow.

Perfect for mixing or glazing, Nickel Azo Yellow is a very versatile colour.

Pigment: Disazo

Classification: Synthetic Organic

Colour Index: PY14 (21095)

Vehicle: Linseed Oil

Hiding power: Transparent

Pigment Loading: Average

Consistency: Stiff

Drying rate: 2-5 days


Product Code: 8104-4

Series: 4