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Gel Printing Plate


For Monoprinting without a press! Similar to monoprinting, but easier and different. So much fun and your options are endless. I offer classes and workshops with mixed media Gel Plate printing. If you'd be interested get in touch.

I would recommend Golden OPEN Acrylics, they are slow drying which means you can get anywhere from 4 to 7 prints from one layer of paint as opposed to 1 or 2 from fast drying acrylic.

Easy to use......Ready for Printing.

The Basics

We recommend using acrylic paints. It is not necessary to clean the plate between prints, unless desired. Paint residue can contribute to surprising and pleasant results. You may use oil paint with the gel printing plate. We do not recommend using dyes when printing on the plate (e.g. rubber stamp inks, spray inks and fabric dyes) as the gel plate will absorb some of the dye and become permanently stained. However, stains will not affect printing performance.

Easy Clean Up

Acrylic paints can be easily cleaned from the plate with mild soap and water. Rinse and gently pat the printing plate dry with a paper towel.

Oil paints can be easily cleaned from the gel printing plate. Rub the surface of the plate with baby oil and wipe clean with paper towel. Wash the plate with mild soap and water, rinse and pat dry.

A gel hand sanitizer (Purell, etc.) may be used to remove paint residue on the plate. Simply rub onto the plate surface and wipe clean with a paper towel.

Baby wipe products may also be used to clean your gel printing plate.

Making Your Mark

Fun textures are easy to find... to get started, try using bubble-wrap, plastic grids, foam stamps, stencils, leaves and string to create interesting imagery on your plate.

For hand drawn mark-making, use soft-tipped tools like paint brushes, cotton tipped swabs or rubber tipped tools.

Do not use pointy tools such as pencils or toothpicks. They may scratch the gel plate surface and leave permanent marks.

Essential To Know

Store your gel printing plate in its original package, or on a smooth tray or piece of glass. Always keep your gel printing plate layiong flat on a smooth, clean surface.

The gel printing plate has an extremely sensitive surface and will imprint any texture it is sitting upon.

Do not cover your plate with plastic wrap or waxed paper. These wraps will wrinkle and imprint on your gel printing plate.

The gel printing plate is a unique plastic that contains mineral oil. The gel plate will leach a small amount of harmless mineral oil when left sitting on an absorbent surface.

We recommend you protect your work surface by placing your gel printing plate on a smooth, flat, non-porous barrier such as a Teflon sheet, baking tray or piece of glass.

Do not place your gel printing plate directly on a surface that may absorb the harmless mineral oil, like a wooden table.

Caution - Keep away from open flame and other heat sources. The gel printing plate is for art and craft use - it is not a toy.

To watch a video on how to or for more information visit