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Adult Watercolour Class Term 2 2022 - Wednesdays - Please click & scroll down to view all details


Imagination, Fun, Inspiration

Along with learning to paint something new you'll be enjoying the fun and supportive social atmosphere, making new friends and playing with high quality Art materials. Small class sizes, giving you lots of attention.



Wednesdays 9:30am - 12:30pm 


STARTS: WEDNESDAY 20th APRIL ( No Class for 1 week in May)


WHAT ARE YOU PAINTING: Yet to be decided, photos are a guide only.

OPTION 1: FULL TERM $650 - must be paid to reserve your place

OPTION 2: FULL TERM (Split payment) $350 - must be paid to reserve your place, then mid term you'll be invoiced for the second half of term $350.

BYO snack to share, we have a short break for morning tea 

All materials supplied  

1. PLEASE NOTE: Fees are non-refundable and must be paid to reserve your place. If you are choosing the half term and half term payment, you are still signing up for a full term. You will be invoice mid term for the second payment.

2. Tea and Coffee provided or if you prefer you can visit one of the cafe's to purchase one.

3. Activities within classes change all the time, each term is different. We may occasionally do drawing ink and oil pastel within the watercolour class, which is loads of fun. We may do multiple activities in a term, or we may do a more detailed indepth activity the could take a full term, a term and a half or multiple terms. These are usually discussed before hand.

4. Terms vary in length and run to a school term except terms 1 and 4 are slightly longer. 

5. Please Note: Art activities will sometimes go into another Term. When you have a group of people come together of different abilities and personalities, it can affect how long an activity takes. If an activity isn't complete at end of term, you can choose to finish it yourself at home, you can choose to do how ever many weeks it takes to complete that avctivity in the next term or you can sign up for another full term and keep going. If an activity hasn't been done in classes before, it can also be difficult to judge the time needed to complete it. 

6. COVID:  If there is mandatory mask wearing in this area, a mask must be worn during class in accordance with government guidelines unless exempt. If we go into lockdown, classes will be cancelled and you will receive a make-up class.

7. Classes should be a priority and only missed for an unavoidable event, however if you miss a class you may do a make-up class during another art class or try to catch up at home. A maximum of 2 make-up classes per term and must be completed within the same term.

8. Photos are taken during classes and used for advertising purposes on my website, facebook, instagram, in a magazine etc.

9. By Paying your fees you agree to all terms  and conditions above.

Any further questions, or for bookings during a term please send me a message via the contact tab above or 54561487, 0400561405.

Come along and join in the fun!



Thank you so much for your patience and wonderful tuition on my 'Art Journey'. Iv'e learned so much and have a whole new appreciation for Art. You've also helped me share this new found pleasure with my family. Lots of Love.

J. O'Brien

A year ago I decided to try my hand at painting. My previous experience had been painting house walls and a small childs fingernails. I wanted to try something new, create something my kids could cherish, but mostly I wanted to do it for me. Guided by a very talented local artist Alice, I’m proud to say my first acrylic piece is complete!
My Wednesday art lesson has become the highlight of my week. Spending time with other ladies developing friendships, exercising patience, exploring hidden abilities, ‘switching off’, and most importantly nurturing creativity in a peaceful place has been invaluable to me.
If you are located on the Sunny Coast, I urge you to reach out to Alice - No experience is necessary and you might just surprise yourself 💗🌷  And to you, my darling friend Alice, thank you for your guidance and kindness. You’ve become such a special friend to me and I’m so grateful to have you in my world.