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Pear & Blossom


Pear & Blossom is a mixed Media original print and drawing with layers of Acrylic paint, Coloured Pencil and Ink on paper, with beautiful soft flecks of gold, busy bees, soft blossoms and a sunkissed pear. Look closely for all the layers and details in the background. This gorgeous print reminds you to notice the little things in life. Every print is one of a kind unique, you couldn't get 2 exactly the same if you tried. They are full of interesting patterns, layers and details that capture your eye. You may find creatures hiding within. They are a lovely pop of colour for any wall. You could Purchase 3 and hang them in a row for a lovely effect or hang on their own.

Acrylic, Coloured Pencil & Ink, 15cm x 15cm, 6cm white matt, with a stunning distressed frame.

All prints are made with imagination and love for the little things in life.

This Print/drawing is framed in white with a lovely wide white matt board and ready to hang

Paintings/prints should not be hung in direct sunlight, in moist areas or near heat.