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Matisse Final Varnish Gloss Finish MM14 - AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY



Final Varnish Gloss Finish | Turps Based


The Final Varnish Gloss finish is Matisse Medium MM14. This varnish produces a hard, non-yellowing, protective coating similar in appearance to Damar varnish. It is a final varnish that dries to a clear gloss finish, quick drying, and will increase the depth and intensity of acrylic colours. It is designed to give your painting that final glow. Strippable, the varnish re-dissolves in mineral turpentine, which has no effect on Matisse acrylic paints: thus, a painting may be thoroughly cleaned and re-varnished without affecting the paint. Ideal varnish for use in restoration work.

How to use Final Varnish Gloss Finish Varnish 

Two coats are recommended to achieve a consistent high gloss finish. Allow the first coat of varnish to dry completely before applying the next coat. This product is also suitable for use over oil paints after they are completely dry (approximately 6-12 months). Follow the same rule of two coats to achieve a consistent gloss finish. Drying time is approximately 6-8 hours, depending upon weather conditions. Over oil paints, this varnish can also be used as a Retouch Varnish (a retouch varnish can be achieved with the addition of 80% mineral turps). Retouch Varnish is known as a temporary varnish. It gives the artist an indication of what dried colours would look like when wet, so the painting can be continued with colour accuracy. Retouch varnish is not a final varnish.

For more details, see our dedicated "Varnish Techniques" page on our Derivan website.

DISCLAIMER: Although Matisse Derivan products are formulated to the highest standards and extensively tested, we strongly recommend a small test before any varnish is applied to the final surface. If you have any questions regarding the use or application of any Matisse Derivan products, please contact us on (02) 9736 2022 or email your query to

Clean up Final Varnish Gloss Finish Varnish 

It is recommended to clean your brush as soon as you finish the application. Always clean brushes with mineral turpentine first. This will remove most of the traces of varnish from the brush. Finish by using liquid or bar of soap in the palm of your hand and scrub the brush back and forth until you form a lather. Rinse well and let dry flat. Using soap and lukewarm water will condition the brush's hair and prevent it from becoming stiff after drying due to any turpentine (or other solvents) residue left on them. 

Google Matisse Paints to view  ore about health and safety.