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Big Tree Meadow - Giclee Limited Edition 1 of 50 - 90cm x 90cm - FRAMED - Available In Store Only


FRAMED - AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY - Available for shipping unframed

Big Tree Meadow- Limited Edition Print - Ed. 1 of 50/100 

90cm x 90cm with 4cm white border, total size 98cm x 98cm, 109cm x 109cm FRAMED.

Also available in 1 other size 70cm x 70cm of 50 Editions, being a total of 100 Editions.

The original 'Big Tree Meadow' was created to bring out your inner child. So many people are so busy they forget to notice the little things in life. Every time you look at this painting you'll see something you didn't notice before. It's the little things in life that make life magic.

This is a giclee print on Archival quality 300gsm Fine Art Paper with archival pigment inks. Printed by a specialist fine art reproduction printing business.

AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY, large prints or art works are too expensive and difficult to ship with glass, there is a high risk of the glass breaking and damaging the Giclee Print. (Unframed prints are available for shipping and gives you the opportunity to take it to your local framer to choose a frame of your choice.)

Please note: Prints should not be hung in direct sunlight, near heat or in damp areas.