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Acrylic Painting Techniques - Exploring Surfaces - DVD

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Product description: Acrylic Techniques--in action!Take advantage of the versatility of acrylics by adapting them to a variety of surfaces. From papers and canvases to boards, YUPO, and more, learn how to prepare any surface for accepting acrylic paint techniques and products. Whether it's working in reverse on vinyl, or controlling the surfaces with texture products, you'll love these different approaches to create strong foundations and infinite possibilities. • 19 different acrylic painting techniques for different surface types• Work on paper, canvas, YUPO, vinyl, board and more• Premier art instruction
About the Author
Author: Chris Cozen
Home: Pasadena, CA

Chris Cozen is a member of the Working Artist Program for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. She lectures and teaches throughout Southern California and is the author of several books on acrylic painting techniques. With a background in education Chris teaches workshops and classes to artists with a full range of experience. Visit for more information.