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Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady


Revolutionize your work with acrylics

Get Ready for the creative ride of your life!

Tradition is out, experimentation is in with this cutting-edge how-to sampler of techniques to use with acrylic, the world's most versatile medium. Inside, you'll find inventive, non-traditional, downright inspirational ways to paint with acrylic (pour, scrape, squirt, roll, layer and excavate).

Workshop-style instruction covers a wide range of approaches:

Watermedia effects * Creating Texture with Gels * Subtractive Techniques * Collage and Acrylic Skins * Acrylic Transfers and the Printed Image * Pours * Acrylic Encaustic * Metallic and Reflective Paints * Drawing and Resists with Acrylic * Traditional Techniques with Acrylic * Varnishing

18 Step-by-Step demonstrations illustrate a wide variety of techniques, including engraving acrylic, intarsia, pouring acrylic objects, and more.

Studio visits profile 10 artists and their personal approaches to painting with acrylics.

If you want to try something put more play into your test-drive some of those enticing products you've been this book and go for it. We're not talking just brush and canvas anymore...get out the hand-sander and plexiglas, and hold on tight (or better yet, let loose!), because this adventure-in-acrylics will take you through a variety of possibilities. Delicate transparent washes, lively impasto surfaces, radical multi-dimensional effects....What will YOU think of next?

Hard Cover Book