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Langridge Encaustic Ground

$27.50 $15.45

Specially formulated acrylic-based priming ground built with high absorbancy to create the perfect base for application of enacuatic wax.

Easy to apply, the ground is fluid, yet full bodied giving maximum film-build needed to 'take' subsequent wax coats.

Apply 2 coats of Encaustic Ground with a wide, flat soft brush.

Allow to dry (approximately 1 hour) between coats and, if desired, lightly sand for ultra-smooth finishes.

Once dry, Encaustic Ground is permanent and will not lift or crack.

As a general rule, Langridge recommends application to non-flexible supports (cradled timber panels are the most suitable) to prevent any opportunity for cracking as the high solids content reduces flexibility and as such is not suitable for application to highly flexible materials such as lighter weight papers.

Wash brushes in water.


Available in 500ml, Litre and 4 Litre tins.