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Langridge Safe Clean Up


A solvent free, non-toxic hand and brush cleaner. Safely removes Oil and Acrylic paint.

Langridge Safe Mediums range has been developed for artists who wish to paint with oil colours but are concerned about contact with solvents.Reasons for concern can be prohibition in environments for solvents (e.g. schools), dermatalogicalsensitivity, respiratory sensitivity or individual response to toxicological contact. Safe mediums are designed to be solvent-free and non-toxic so that artists can continue to paint with oil colours but avoid solvents and solvent containing mediums .

Can be used for the thorough removal of virtually all artists’ paints, including oils and acrylics.Use for cleaning brushes, skin (except face), painting knives and all other artists’ equipment.

Safe-clean-up works by releasing the paints’ bind to the material it is adhered to. It does not act as a solvent and break down the paint.

It is only to be used as a paint or oil remover. Safe-clean-up is not a diluent and should never be mixed with paint as with a traditional solvent (e.g. Gum Turpentine).

For cleaning wet paint from brushes


Wipe excess paint off the brush using a rag (If the brush is loaded with paint it will take a larger quantity of Safe-clean-up than usually necessary to remove paint.).Place a small quantity (approx. 15ml for a medium size brush) into the palm of the hand or onto a small dish and work Safe-clean-up into the brush bristles. Once fully saturated, vigourously massage the brush until light foaming occurs. The paint will be released  from the brush and the Safe-clean-up will now be coloured by the paint. Wash brushes in running warm water to remove paint and Safe-clean-up completely. If the paint is particularly highly pigmented, repeat the process if needed.


Because Coconut oil is a natural emmoliant its use for cleaning brushes will also naturally condition them, preventing brittle bristles which can break and mix into the paint film when the brush is next used.Strong solvents will strip the natural suppleness of bristles. To counter-act this, apply a hair conditioner to bristles, leave for ten minutes, then wash out thoroughly under warm running water.


Safe-clean-up is based on Coconut oil, is phosphate free and naturally breaks down in the environment.




For cleaning dried paint from brushes.


Even though paint may have dried on the brush it can be removed succesfully using a modified process.

Place a slightly more generous quantity (approx. 20ml for a medium size brush) and work Safe-clean-up as much as is possible (the brush will be hard from dry paint) into the brush bristles. Do not wash the brushes!.

Wrap brush in plastic or other non-porous material to seal it in and leave between 24-72 hours depending on the hardness of the dried paint. To test if ready, remove wrapping and attempt to massage the bristles. If they exhibit flex, then fully massage bristles till flexibility is returned to the brush. Rinse thoroughly under running warm water. The dried paint should wash away leaving a restored brush.




Safe-clean-up should not need thinning. If the product has thickened through water evaporation, thin with distilled water. Tap water may be substituted. The use of tap water which contains impurities such as metal salts may lead to the failure of safe-clean-up to function effeciently.


Langridge Safe Clean-up is a clear colour soft gel with slight detergent odour.

Clean Up

Wash thoroughly in warm water. Leave to fully dry before using for oil colours.

Available in:

250ml (0292), Litre (029L), 4 Litre (0294)